We keep growing: new tryouts with T3N Sports

T3N Sports, an international company that invests and innovates in the world of sports, also a partner of the NBA, joins OWQLO with its projects designed to transform the sports landscape.

We kick off with their tryouts in Dubai for the LaLiga U18 Academy Programs, already published and available for registrations through our app. These tryouts will help identify the top local talent that will learn and train in ESC Madrid, an outstanding sports complex backed up by LaLiga and NBA. After a long journey of tryouts at OWQLO, we do not doubt that it will be a success and we hope the first of many T3N projects compiled in our infrastructure.

Once again, we have the honor of entering into agreements with organizations that blend in and perfectly align with the values ​​of OWQLO since T3N is based on innovation, education, sports, and health, values ​​that we always work to transmit to our community.

We are excited to remain at the forefront of transforming and creating communities that invest in sports as an agent of change. Plus, they will deliver 10 scholarships (1 annual LaLiga Talent / LaLiga Academy Program + 9 LaLiga Technification Summer Programs) between the best 10 players of total tryouts around the world. Acceptable ages for this tryout range from 11–18 years old (2009–2003). You can find more details at www.laligagrassroots.com



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