DV7 & Queensboro FC keep trusting OWQLO

You probably have already heard about tryouts being hosted through OWQLO…

Indeed, history repeats itself. This time in the same month we hosted, on the one hand, DV7 tryouts in the Dominican Republic on November 21 and, on the other hand, tryouts by Queensboro FC in New York on December 11.

As incredible as it sounds, we have not stopped adding events to the long list of achievements with these two innovative organizations, and we hope to continue that way for much longer.

On the eve of new projects coming from both organizations, for the moment the tryouts continue to show great success and great motivation for the younger footballers, who, with no doubt, will be the stars of tomorrow. Who will be the lucky ones to pass? In the end, what matters are the values acquired from participating in such exciting events!



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