Academies have arrived at OWQLO!

2 min readOct 28, 2021


Academies have arrived at OWQLO: the entire experience in a completely digital format.

While amateur sports are beginning to digitally transform, at OWQLO we already have the solution that will greatly help sports organizations.

Parents will have access to a calendar with all the events (trainings, games, etc.) of all their children (since they will also be able to link their accounts to those of their children) and will be able to access locations and directly chat with the coaches and with other parents to coordinate their children’s commute.

Nobody will miss a thing: all the multimedia content of each event can be uploaded on the same platform to relive moments or watch them if they were not able to attend.

In addition, there is a news section where you can access interesting health, wellness, and sports content as well as relevant news about your favorite sports organization.

Coaches are not left behind when it comes to useful functions: they will be able to access the roster of all their players on the team or teams they train while controling their attendance. They will also be able to modify trainings and matches information and add useful documentation for each.

If you want all this in a safe way for your sports organization and all those who participate in it, do not hesitate to leave us your information by filling in this simple form and we will contact you.